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Ultimate LifeStyles FAQ

Q - What does the $299 and $49.95 per month include?
A - All fees are associated with activating your account to include current benefits that are listed on the marketing website.
Q - Can I call someone to book air only?
A - No, air can be booked direct with the airlines or booked on the subscriber airline ticketing website. There are no discounts on domestic air as the airlines actually dictate the price of an airline ticket. Airline tickets continuously change and can up and down based on many factors. You can possibly save money on certain international carriers related to certain international destinations based on air consolidators that are integrated in the subscriber air website.
Q - Can I receive a savings or discount when I call to speak to a travel expert related to pet travel, groups or luxury travel?
A - To receive a discount on travel related to hotels, condominiums, cars, resorts, tours, excursions, activities, cruises and hot deals you will need to access your subscriber website and complete you’re booking online in the section called “Travel & Vacation Saver”. When speaking to a travel expert you will receive the best on line price available at time of booking but have high touch personal service.
Q - Can I book multiple hotel rooms on my subscriber “Travel & Vacation Saver” for others to receive the same discounted rate?
A - Yes, you can book up to 5 rooms without speaking to the group department. The subscriber will be required to pre-pay all rooms with their credit card that is on file.
Q - Is the Ultimate LifeStyles Travel & Benefits Subscription transferable?
A - NO.
Q - If I miss a monthly payment what happens and how do I reactivate?
A - Make sure to maintain your monthly payment as all accounts that do not process will be terminated on the 10th business day after the date of monthly renewal. To reactive there is a $100 fee.